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Electric Car Charging 

As part of our dedication to eco-friendly practices, North Hill Farm now offers electric car charging points.

electric car charging at North Hill Farm glamping near london.HEIC

Eco-Friendly Glamping Site Near London

Our electric car charging points at North Hill Farm provide environmentally-conscious guests with the convenience of charging their electric cars whilst enjoying their glamping holiday near London. Whether you drive a fully electric car, or even a plug-in hybrid, guests are welcome to charge their vehicles during a stay at North Hill Farm.


Features of Our Electric Car Charging Points:

Fast Charging

 North Hill Farm's electric car charging points are fast-charging plug-in points, ensuring that guests can quickly recharge their vehicles whilst enjoying the local beautiful scenery here in Chorleywood.


The electric charging points at our glamping site near London are designed to accommodate various electric vehicle models, making it accessible for a wide range of electric cars.


Glamping with Electric Car Charging

Treat yourself and a loved one to an unforgettable glamping experience at North Hill Farm, whilst taking advantage of the electric car charging facilities. Our fantastic quirky glamping holidays near London allow guests to unplug from the digital world and connect with nature.

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